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Void Vane


Void Vane TV
Digital Art of Dick Morton

 Digital Art

Hand Drawn Art of Dick Morton

 Hand drawn Art

3D Art of Dick Morton

 3D Art

Videos by Void Vane Studios


Logos and Graphic Design by Void Vane Studios


This is a production studio for all the mom & pop’s, the small fries, the little people to promote and create ads for small businesses and events. It also has the unique offering of technology tutoring/education, graphic design, and social media consulting.

Void Vane also produces and creates its own short films, animations, music, and video games. Void Vane’s unique styles, surreal ambitions, and “home-grown grass roots” appeal help to make this budding studio stand out.

Void Vane Studios is located in Geneva, IL., a classic suburb of Chicago. Void Vane Studios was established in 2011. Since this time, Void Vane Studios have proudly served clients in the Chicagoland area for a wide gambit of needs and purposes.

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(630) 433-7999

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